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Started more than 20 years ago by Managing Partner Marc H. Schneider, Esq., Schneider Buchel’s roots grew from Schneider’s own experience as the board president of his co-op in Great Neck, New York.

“I remember having to deal with residents knocking on my door at midnight when there was a flood or other problems,” recalls Schneider, “and being faced with how to practically handle these emotional issues. I think my experience as a board president really differentiates our firm from other attorneys in our area of law because I know what it’s like to sit on both sides of the table.”

Schneider has been practicing community association law for nearly three decades. His partner, Justin Buchel, joined the firm in 2009. Buchel, who graduated with a degree in physics from Emory University, previously worked as a patent attorney. Buchel’s skills in reviewing engineering drawings and specifications come in handy in his representation of community associations, which often have large construction projects (e.g., roof replacements, Local Law 11 work, etc.).

Why Schneider Buchel

We Represent Assocations Small and Large

We represent hundreds of community associations, some with more than 1,000 units and others with as few as four, located throughout New York State.

100+ Years of Collective Experience

Our esteemed team of lawyers brings together a wealth of collective experience.

Statewide Service Excellence

From Montauk to Buffalo, Schneider Buchel takes pride in delivering comprehensive services and support throughout this diverse and dynamic region.

Departmentalized Service

The firm is departmentalized, allowing the lawyer with the most experience to lead and oversee matters within their specialized area.

About Our Team

Attorneys & Staff

The firm has many attorneys, all of whom focus on the representation of community associations and their matters. The firm is departmentalized,so if you have a contract to draft or review it will be assigned to attorneys who handle community-association-related contracts. Similarly, if thereis a lawsuit, the attorneys in the firm’s litigation team will handle thematter. Recognizing the fact that boards and their property managers often have situations that require immediate response and assistance, the firm’s attorneys are always available.


Serving Clients Throughout New York

Long Island Office

60 Crossways Park Dr. W,
Suite 340
Woodbury, NY 11797
Phone: 516.393.5555

NYC Office

462 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1600
NYC, NY 10018
Phone: 212.485.9400

Syracuse Office

323 James Street, Suite 200
Syracuse, NY 13203
Phone: 315.530.1628

Rochester Office

510 Clinton Square
Rochester, NY 14604
Phone: 585.608.0750

Buffalo Office

2300 International Drive, Suite 100
Buffalo, NY 14221
Phone: 716.400.0617

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