January 17, 2023

Why Hire a New York Condo Attorney?

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Navigating the complexities of condominium governance requires more than just legal know-how; it calls for a clear grasp of New York State Condominium law. Does your condo board need a New York condo attorney? Absolutely! Attorneys play a crucial role in offering practical solutions for the various challenges faced by community associations.


When seeking legal representation, it is paramount to secure a lawyer within New York State who is well-versed in its specific laws. The intricacies of condominium regulations and governance can vary and having a legal professional familiar with the ever-changing laws applicable to New York State condominiums ensures that your condominium board receives tailored advice, effective advocacy, and avoids incurring significant liability for failing to comply with the laws and the governing documents of the Condominium.


New York Condos

A New York condo attorney can help with the following:
  1. Governance:
    A New York condo attorney specializes in crafting practical solutions for governance-related challenges. They ensure that your governing documents are not only legally sound but also tailored to the unique needs of your community, providing a robust foundation for effective rule enforcement. In addition, they can recommend modifications to the governing documents to help avoid certain issues in the future.
  2. Collection of Unpaid Common Charges and Assessments:
    Struggling with delinquent fees? A seasoned attorney will employ strategic approaches for the effective collection of unpaid common charges and assessments while safeguarding the financial stability of your community with precision.
  3. Construction Defect Litigation:
    When disputes escalate, having an attorney experienced in handling condominium construction defect claims really becomes paramount. Condo attorneys bring forth a wealth of experience in dispute resolution and litigation, ensuring that your community’s interests are fiercely protected within the intricate bounds of New York State laws and prevent claims from being barred by the passage of time. An attorney who is not familiar with condominiums and the nature of the claims related to the construction defects can cause you to lose the right to recover monies for these defects.
  4. Reasonable Accommodations:
    Condominium boards commonly grapple with addressing requests for reasonable accommodations, including those related to emotional support animals in pet-restricted communities, requests for handicap ramps or other modifications to the common areas and units, reserved parking spaces, and similar matters. Experienced condo attorneys possess expertise in the relevant laws governing these requests, skillfully navigating the intricacies to safeguard clients from significant potential liabilities arising from the various applicable laws. It is important to note that if these matters are not handled appropriately (which should include an attorney at the very beginning – when the request is made) they almost always result in complaints and/or lawsuits.
  5. Regulatory Compliance:
    Staying compliant with ever-evolving regulatory changes is a cornerstone of condo attorneys. New York condo attorneys not only keep your association informed but guide you in proactive measures to ensure ongoing compliance with the dynamic landscape of the state condo laws which frequently change.

As your community association confronts the complexities of condominium living in New York State, Schneider Buchel asserts that the answer to whether your condo board needs an attorney who is experienced in condominium representation is a resounding yes. Our seasoned New York condo attorneys stand as indispensable partners, providing tailored, practical solutions to address a spectrum of challenges – from governance matters to financial stability, dispute resolution, accommodations, regulatory compliance, and even educational support.

Consider a partnership with Schneider Buchel, your dedicated New York condo attorneys, as a strategic investment in the enduring success and harmony of your condominium community.



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